The two companies intend on improving the reliability of deliveries, with more precise location services, after a surge in online retail orders drove a necessity for goods to be delivered more quickly.

Pall-Ex Group’s core operational system, Nexus, which provides freight management technology to members of both the Pall-Ex and Fortec networks, will integrate what3words.

Every 3-metre square across the globe has been given a unique combination of three words and users can find an exact location using the service.

Dave Dunhill, Chief Operating Technical Officer at Pall-Ex Group said: “By integrating what3words into Nexus, we are leading the way in the pallet distribution sector. This is the first time this technology has been used in this capacity and I am proud that Pall-Ex Group is at the forefront of this.”

Robert Novakov, Corporate Partnerships added: “what3words is changing the way we locate and navigate to places and by introducing this technology to the pallet delivery sector, Pall-Ex Group is at the forefront of this advancement.”