Beacon is a York-based purchasing company that specialises in the hospitality industry. It was founded in 2000 and was previously owned by Interchange and Consort Hotels.

Stephen Beech, Managing Director of Entegra UK said: “We are looking forward to working with the team at Beacon to broaden our offering which will enable the faster deployment of new areas of service to benefit our clients’ businesses. Both our clients and Beacon’s will gain access to an enhanced portfolio of services to serve their needs, ultimately working to drive down cost, increase operational efficiency, and boost business performance”.

Paul Brown, Managing Director of Beacon Purchasing is equally positive about joining the Entegra brand. He said: “From the moment we started talking to Entegra, the benefits of combining our two successful businesses just made sense. Beacon customers will now be able to leverage the power of better pricing that being part of Entegra brings, and Entegra customers will benefit from the additional services Beacon can provide”.

Brown believes that the acquisition of Beacon by Entegra has come at a crucial time, continuing: “At this time of crippling cost pressures, having a purchasing partner that can deliver is more important than ever and we believe joining Entegra will provide real solutions for thousands of struggling businesses”.