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Wincanton secures a new three-year deal with WDT; the US Army’s Military SDDC awards two contract modifications to Menlo Worldwide Government Services.


Wincanton has been awarded a three-year warehousing contract by World Design & Trade to manage an operation that was previously handled in-house.

Eighteen WDT warehouse employees have now transferred to Wincanton.

The contract operates from WDT’s 90,000 sq.ft. warehouse in Acton, from where millions of SKU’s are despatched nationally and internationally through online, retail and wholesale routes to market.

Wincanton manages the warehouse end-to-end, including, picking, packing, kimballing, samples processing and returns management.

The US Army’s Military Surface Deployment & Distribution Command (SDDC) has awarded two contract modifications to Menlo Worldwide Government Services.

The actions renew Menlo as prime contractor for the US Defence Transportation Coordination Initiative (DTCI) and further expand the scope of its contract by adding nineteen more Dept of Defence (DOD) shipper sites to the DTCI program.

Menlo was selected as prime contractor in August 2007 for a base three-year period with four one-year renewal options.

Menlo was awarded the first renewal year and the expanded scope based on its performance over the initial three-year contract, during which Menlo and its subcontractors introduced sophisticated logistics practices and technologies that significantly reduced costs, improved process efficiency and increased on-time delivery of supplies for the nation’s military services.

DTCI is a strategic logistics program directed by the US Army’s Military SDDC. Menlo Worldwide Government Services is prime contractor with Computer Sciences Corp (CSC), ONE Networks Enterprises and Olgoonik Logistics as principal subcontractors.

As DTCI’s prime contractor, Menlo operates an integrated logistics solution for shipment planning, optimisation, shipment execution and overall transportation management for material shipments moving into and among DOD facilities in the 48 contiguous United States.

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