Royal Mail unveil new parcel conveyer in Gatwick Mail Centre

A new large parcel conveyor has been unveiled at Royal Mail’s Gatwick facility.

It is capable of processing parcels weighing up to 30kg and is designed to process approximately 3,000 parcels per hour.

The conveyor will provide the company with data on parcels’ dimensions and weight, which it hopes will allow for more efficient packing of parcels into vehicles for distribution, in turn lowering carbon emissions. It should also allow customers to track their parcel’s progress in more detail.

Its installation is part of the distribution giant’s strategy to increase automation in the Royal Mail network, aiming to have 90% parcel automation by 2024.

Grant McPherson, Chief Operating Officer of Royal Mail said: “We are working hard to transform the Royal Mail operation to process all parcels more efficiently so that we can deliver an even better experience for our customers. By investing in machines that can process bulkier and heavier parcels, we are putting in place the building blocks for higher levels of customer tracking and transparency.”

A second conveyor of this kind is expected to be launched in Royal Mail’s South Midlands Mail Centre later in the year.

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