Schiphol Cargo game wins award

A “serious” game, designed to promote the benefits of the Schiphol Smartgate Cargo system, has won an Outstanding Achievement Award in the Interactive Media Awards.

Smartgate The Game shows players how the supply chain works, and illustrates the advantages of using SmartGate Cargo. All cargo processed through the airport is now channelled via Schiphol SmartGate Cargo with the aim of creating a smooth, innovative and secure air cargo supply chain. Smartgate is a joint initiative of Schiphol Cargo, Air Cargo Netherlands and Dutch Customs.

In order to provide the air cargo industry and future users with a better insight into how Smartgate actually works, the web-based SmartGate Learning Centre was established. Smartgate The Game is a feature of this online educational facility.

In the game, players are responsible for transporting goods from shipper to airline, via the forwarder and handling agent. As managers of the logistics chain, players must pay attention to speed, efficiency, reliability and quality; the more shipments processed and the faster the transit time, the higher the score that is achieved. Player scores are displayed in league tables.

The jury of the Interactive Media Awards judged Smartgate the Game on a number of criteria including design, functionality, content and usability; the last two aspects drew particular praise. The game was created for Schiphol Cargo and Air Cargo Netherlands by IJsfontein, in collaboration with ATOS Consulting.

Says Schiphol Cargo Senior VP Enno Osinga: “Smartgate Cargo is a significant element of our drive to maximise efficiency of cargo flows through Schiphol Airport. It is important that everyone involved in air cargo here – particularly newcomers to the industry – learns how Smartgate works, and why it is so important to our continuing success.

“The Smartgate Learning Centre is central to this education process, and Smartgate the Game is proving a popular and effective aspect of the overall facility. It’s very gratifying to achieve this recognition outside the industry for our innovative efforts to drive air cargo and Schiphol forward – because innovation is the hallmark of everything we do.”

SmartGate Cargo is a web-based game and is free to play: visit

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