Schneckenreither forwarding outsourced their customs services

The Upper Austrian company Internationale Spedition Schneckenreither Gesellschaft m.b.H.has fully outsourced its customs services to the newly founded MS-Zollservice GmbH, effective May 1, 2019. MS-Zollservice GmbH is based in Klagenfurt and has branches in Bergheim, Innsbruck, Wiener Neudorf, Ansfelden and Seiersberg, and provides the following services:

Ø Customs clearance of exports and imports.
Ø Returns handling.
Ø Inbound and outbound customs clearance, refining.
Ø Check-in for fairs, Carnet ATA.
Ø T1/T2 as well as T2L creation.
Ø EUR1 / ATR clearance and confirmation at the customs office.
Ø Authorised consignor and consignee.
Ø Excise warehouse.
Ø Customs consulting activities.

“The main reason for outsourcing our customs services, apart from a group-wide standard structure, was the access to further business relationships on a neutral basis with customers and other service providers, as well as a preparation for Brexit,” explained the two managing directors Alfred Schneckenreither and Danilo Miggitsch.

The Schneckenreither group is an owner-managed, medium-sized provider of transport and logistics services with a focus on land transport (national/international) and warehouse logistics.

Schneckenreither GroupEstablished:1960
Sales (FY 2017/2018)€ 144 million
Total locations16
Locations Austria13
Locations abroad3
Own vehicle fleet160
Swap bodiesCa. 100
Covered warehouse area> 75.000 m²


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