Stable sea cargo volume in 2014 in the Bremen ports

Slightly declining container volume – automotive throughput increases once again – Bremen-city as a location profits from growing bulk volume

In 2014 the Bremen ports handled 78.4 million tonnes of sea cargo. Thus, the predicted throughput performance will only be just below (down 0.4 per cent) the result of the previous year (78.7 million tonnes). Dr. Heiner Heseler, State Council at the Senator of Economics, Labour and Ports, reported a stable situation and a solid balance sheet on 15. December: The slight decrease in total volume has been expected due to the current geopolitical tensions and economic difficulties in many parts of the world.

For total cargo – container plus conventional cargo – this year a turnover of about 67.4 million tonness (2013: 69.8 million tonnes) is expected. The forecast for the handling of containers – in the ports of the two-city state focused almost exclusively on the location of Bremerhaven –  predicts a decline of 2.8 per cent to 59.2 million tonnes. Altogether, the handling volume in Bremerhaven is expected to decline by 1.6 per cent to 65.1 million tonnes in 2014.

On the basis of standard containers (TEU), a turnover of 5.8 million TEU for Bremerhaven is expected this year (-1.1%). The slight decrease was primarily seen in the first half of 2014, due to changes in the scheduled services and declines in transshipment.

The 2014 automobile year has been adversely affected by considerable uncertainty and geopolitical conflicts (Ukraine / Russia, the Middle East). In addition, economy did not develop as well as hoped in major European markets. Heiner Heseler described the fact that throughput of cars at the Bremen quays in 2014 rises to an estimated 2.2 million units (up 2.9 per cent) as another sign of the efficiency and competitiveness of the site.

The handling of bulk cargo has performed very well in the ports of Bremen in 2014. The expected increase of over 22 per cent brings transhipment volume to just under 11 million tonnes (2013: 9.0 million tonnes). Heiner Heseler: „The positive development in the bulk cargo segment leads to a strong recovery of the port business in Bremen city as a business location.“ There, the total throughput will increase to 13.3 million tonnes – an increase of 5.6 per cent year on year.

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