9. Oktober 2019 07:36

LKW Walter practices “Platooning on the rail”

“We want to offer transports that run and do not stand.” True to this theme,Andreas Ehrenhöfer presented the intermodal strategy of the LKW Walter Group at the 10th Lower Austrian...

9. Oktober 2019 07:31

Lufthansa Cargo use Scope from Riege Software for customs declarations

In a tender procedure of Lufthansa Cargo AG for the redesign of its system for handling the German ATLAS customs procedures SumA and NCTS as well as the Austrian NCTS...

CFG: eCommerce Logistics Day, VIE, 25 SEP 19 – PART 1

8. Oktober 2019 16:33

CFG: eCommerce Logistics Day, VIE, 25 SEP 19 – PART 1

CFG attended the fourth Austro-German eCommerce Logistics Day at the Albert Hall, Vienna, to learn about the innovative solutions to the challenges posed by the sharp rise in eCommerce. Around...

8. Oktober 2019 11:19

Is there really “lots of scope for further consolidation”?

This may be a gutsy move, but I’m going to challenge some comments yesterday from the new chairman at DSV Panalpina, Professor Thomas Plenborg. “Once we’re 12-18 months into the...

7. Oktober 2019 15:19

DSV Panalpina targets further M&A activity

The new chairman of the recently merged DSV Panalpina, Professor Thomas Plenborg, has said that the business will be targeting acquisitions in the road freight sector – once the integration...

Dematic automatisiert zentrales Distributionszentrum von Dillewijn Zwapak  

4. Oktober 2019 13:03

Dematic automatisiert zentrales Distributionszentrum von Dillewijn Zwapak  

Dematic hat das neue Distributionszentrum des niederländischen Großhändlers von Verpackungslösungen für Blumen und Floristikartikel Dillewijn Zwapak B.V. in Amstelveen vollständig automatisiert. Dort hat der Intralogistikspezialist eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung mit einem...

4. Oktober 2019 07:51

Bremen: Unusual cargo handling in the Neustädter Hafen

A few weeks after the delivery of the first aircraft, the Junkers Ju 52, the second plane, the Lockheed L1649 A Super Star, reached the Neustädter Hafen in Bremen on...

3. Oktober 2019 07:36

TX Logistik examines expansion of Romania traffic

The railway company TX Logistik AG (TXL) is currently examining possibilities for a new intermodal connection from Oradea in Romania to Germany to the Rhine-Ruhr area. During a presentation event...

3. Oktober 2019 07:34

Port of Rotterdam: New track & trace tool for containers

On October 2, the Port of Rotterdam Authority launched “Boxinsider”. The application allows shippers and freight forwarders to see where their containers are located at any given moment. Not only...

1. Oktober 2019 13:00

The challenge in change…

Sometimes, when you’re wondering from stand to stand in the light of the halls in the NEC in Birmingham it is easy to forget that there is life beyond its...

27. September 2019 07:40

Austria still an important container market for Bremerhaven

Trade conflicts, climate change and digitisation are today’s challenges from the point of view of a seaport. All together also affects the processes in the global supply chains, agreed the...

26. September 2019 18:04

BITA and FLTA explore merger

The British Industrial Truck Association (BITA) and Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) have agreed to explore plans for a potential merger. No timelines have yet been set and both associations...

25. September 2019 07:43

C.H. Robinson opens its first branch in Austria

“Our target is ambitious in sports,” says Johannes Mikula, Regional Director at C.H. Robinson GmbH Europe B.V., in an interview with the logistics magazine OEVZ (Österreichische Verkehrszeitung). According to this, the...

17. September 2019 07:36

IRU calling to safeguard the role of road transport

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) has taken the lead in setting the global road transport agenda, by publishing a manifesto that calls on international organisations, governments and industry stakeholders...

12. September 2019 17:17

FTA: Yellowhammer shows much could still go wrong

The Freight Transport Association said that the release of the Operation: Yellowhammer document showed that there was “still much that could go wrong” as the country prepares to leave the...

11. September 2019 07:39

Hamburg is positioning itself as a railway hub for China traffic

Hamburg and China have been linked by trade since the 18th century. Apart from the still dominating transport by ship, since 2013 the “New Silk Road” has developed on the...

3. September 2019 16:24

Record year for supply chain thefts

2019 has been a record year for thefts of products from supply chains in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region with thefts averaging €305,000 (£277,558) a day in...

30. August 2019 15:43

£30m to minimise post-Brexit port disruption

The Department for Transport has allocated £30 million to help ports improve capacity and maintain trade flow after Brexit. Ports will be able to bid for a share of £10m,...

30. August 2019 15:00

CV production drops by a third

Commercial vehicle production fell 31.2 per cent in July – the fourth successive month of decline, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Just over 5,000 commercial vehicles...

27. August 2019 10:00

Five things I’ve learnt as editor of Logistics Manager

1. Supply chain is changing the world. The the way we live today owes much to developments in supply chain thinking and practice. It is the ability to manage an...


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