Ultra-modern office building for the port of Linz

Following extensive planning work, the first construction works at the former fruit and vegetable hall, called Warehouse II-7, Regensburger Straße 3, have started at the end of January 2017. The building did no longer meet the current warehouse logistic requirements. After reconstruction and rehabilitation – accorting to drafts of the Dornstädter Architekten from Traun – modern office space will be created there in the future.

With the start of renovation work on the old fruit and vegetable hall, the new ground project is materialising slowly. In the coming years, the whole area shall become a vibrant, urban meeting point of public, leisure, commercial and industrial interest.

Mayor Klaus Luger, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Linz AG: “The Linz port area has already developed in recent years to a place where industry merges with culture. In the future, the east of Linz will be further enlivened. This area is to become a place where there is room for a variety of interests. Leisure, culture, industry and residential areas are aimed to revitalize the area between the winter harbor and the voestalpine site even further. The new ground project of LINZ AG shows how much potential there is in this area.”

Overall, Linz AG invested around EUR 7.5 million to change the old fruit and vegetable hall into a modern office complex. Completion is planned for mid-2018. The building will accomodate the management of the port, the navigation authority and various companies already settled in the port. 6,000 m² of office space are for rent.

DI Erich Haider, General Director LINZ AG: “The Port of Linz is crucial to the entire economic region of Linz. Therefore, Linz AG is investing heavily in the redevelopment of the port area. In addition to the expansion of the Linz commercial port in the sense of logistics & service, the architecture of this city area will be upgraded by various new buildings. Apart from the economic development, the aim is also urban development, enabling the population to use part of the port area.”

The Warehouse II-7, with a floor area of approximately 70 x 26 meters consists of four storeys and a basement. The original building was built as solid construction: the exterior walls with brick masonry, ceiling and pillars of reinforced concrete. The western, eastern and south-facing ground floor area is covered by a freely projecting canopy. Since the existing warehouse did no longer met the current warehouse logistic requirements, the decision was made to rebuild it into a contemporary, modern office building.




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