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LOGISTIKexpress BlogTour: viastore / LogiMAT 2023


viastore ist ein führender internationaler Anbieter von Intralogistik-Systemen, Intralogistik-Software und unterstützenden Services. Der Fokus liegt auf der Beratung und Planung, der Implementierung und der permanenten Verbesserung von Intralogistik-Lösungen.

viastore hat mehr als 3.000 Lager und Distributionszentren in über 30 Ländern umgesetzt und mehr als 5.000 Retrofits durchgeführt. Über 16.000 User benutzen die Software viadat für die Lagerverwaltung.

Intralogistics is our passion. Providing you with GUARANTEED SUCCESS through customized, technology-independent warehouse and material flow solutions is the core of our DNA. We have more than 50 years of international experience in intralogistic system installations, material flow automation, warehouse management and material flow software as well as accompanying services.

With our process know-how in logistics and production, our number 1 software and our comprehensive portfolio of services, we provide you with automated material flow solutions tailored to your needs – with the technology that meets your requirements most efficiently. Because we make sure that you can deliver today and in the future, while tying up as little capital as possible and benefiting from error-free and efficient processes. We create the foundation for you to grow successfully and for the long-term. Guaranteed success.

The application process at viastore

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