Vimto picks Stowga for distributed warehouse network

Drinks company Nichols, which makes Vimto, has embraced a distributed warehousing network using Stowga to develop developed a flexible network of depots around the country.

Nichols operates three hubs, south, midlands and north, to distribute product. The challenge with this centralised model is the significant transport costs associated with daily deliveries to towns across the UK.

Mark Trigg, senior regional manager for the central region at Vimto, said: “Getting the depot set up using Stowga saves me days of work. Searching for the warehousing, and obviously all the paperwork and the rest of it that goes with that… making sure they’re BRC accredited, and that they’re a reputable company. We have a lot of value in stock so we need to trust the people that we’re storing with. Having Stowga on-board gives us peace of mind.”

Following their first experience of Stowga, Nichols decided to use the platform to add sites all across the UK including Bournemouth, Rotherham, Swansea, Cannock, Southampton and Guildford.

By constructing this flexible, warehousing network through Stowga they positioned their warehouses far closer to their end customer. This translated into reduced delivery times, reduced driver and fuel costs, and reduced CO2 and NOx emissions. In addition, by matching them with empty capacity within warehouses Stowga was able to cut the overall cost of warehousing, while giving them more operational flexibility.

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