Waberer’s International establishes Italian subsidiary

The weekly volume performed by Waberer’s in Italy is nearly equal to the loads generated by the English and French markets (on average 700-750 FTLs)

Waberer’s International Pte. Co., one of Europe’s leading road transport operators, has established a subsidiary in Italy. The Company took this step to respond to local business demand that has increased 10-15 per cent. year-by-year. Mr. Alessandro Monti (42) has been appointed to lead Waberer’s Italia. His task is to double Waberer’s revenues in Italy.

With an aim to further strengthen this market potential, Waberer’s has built the next pillar of its European subsidiary network in Milan. The subsidiary’s responsibilities are the same as those of the companies inaugurated a few months ago in Paris and in Felixtowe, England (United Kingdom): an even deeper understanding of the customers’ market-specific needs and to provide them tailored, high-quality services.

The European FTL specialist has been transporting products of the Italian industry to their market outlets in Europe, and raw materials and finished products from there to Italy for decades by now. Waberer’s traffic has continuously grown; in 2014 it surpassed previous year’s figure by 14 per cent. Revenues attributable to the Italian economy are close to EUR 90 million per year. Currently, 700 loaded truck-trailers of Waberer’s are travelling on the motorways weekly.

26 per cent. of the freight are Italian products delivered to the United Kingdom, over 20 per cent. to destinations in Germany, 19 per cent. in France and nearly 10 per cent. to Hungary. 22 per cent of the freight to Italian destinations originate from Germany, 21 per cent from France, 17 per cent. from Hungary and 10 per cent from the United Kingdom. Performing the service, Waberer’s truck-trailers travel 37 million kilometres on Italian roads every year, and thus pay over 5 million Euro toll charge to the Italian state budget.

“Large enterprises and manufacturers in the Italian supply chain are our traditional and satisfied customers, says Mr. Ferenc Lajkó, Waberer’s deputy CEO in charge of transport and delivery on the occasion of the Milan office’s inauguration, adding that the company had had a reputation for reliability of its services for many years. “Our growth in the Italian market has been unbroken for years, despite the economic crisis. Established in the heart of the Italian industrial zone, the new company will allow us to offer our customers an even more comprehensive service.”

In order to optimize logistics-related costs of customers, the Italian subsidiary fully relies on Waberer’s advanced information technology and telematic systems which warrant safe and efficient delivery of goods to the points of destination. Thanks to the road optimization, truck routing and freight tracking solutions, Waberer’s truck-trailers have a loaded ratio that exceeds 90 per cent. The Company’s long-term agreements ensure that Waberer’s trucks get the best quality fuel at the best prices everywhere, without having to perform any superfluous kilometres for fuelling.

Waberer’s International Pte. Co. (Budapest) is the third largest international road transport company and FTL specialist in Europe. Its fleet of more than 3,300 truck-trailers annually completes some 2.2 million freight commissions. The Company’s high-level services cover all areas of logistics from road transportation to storage logistics to vehicle repairs. The Company has subsidiaries operating in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Romania and Slovakia.


Quelle: LogEastics
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