Air cargo continues its gradual recovery throughout July

Global air cargo volumes have continued to show a gradual and consistent month-on-month recovery in July, increasing by 8% over June, according to the latest air cargo market analysis by CLIVE Data Services.

July 2020’S performance was -20% versus the same month a year ago, however, it still reflected an improving monthly trend in the level of air cargo traffic compared to the -26%, -31% and -37% year-on-year gaps in April, May, and June 2020 respectively.

CLIVE’s ‘dynamic load-factor’ of 70% in July, which is based on both the volume and weight perspectives of cargo flown and capacity available, represented a minimal decline of 0.6% versus June 2020 but was still 8% higher year-on-year.

Niall van de Wouw, managing director of CLIVE said: “Our market analyses for July, especially compared to what we were reporting a few months ago, shows the gradual but consistent climb up the slope to recovery for the air cargo market is continuing.

“This is obviously no ‘V’ shape recovery, but even as additional capacity comes into the market with the return of more passenger services, cargo volumes are showing some reassuring resilience.”

The regional ‘dynamic load-factor’ shows that there was a 21% point increase on the North America to Europe lane versus July 2019; a 19% points increase on the Europe-North America lane; a 10% points increase on the Asia-Europe and Middle East lane; and a closing gap on the Europe and Middle East-Asia lane, which was 5% points year-on-year, however continually getting closer to the market level of 2019 after a seismic fall earlier in the year.

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