Amer Sports embraces 3D technology and automation to custom size packaging

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GXO Logistics has completed the installation of an automated packaging solution that custom fits boxes to their contents, thereby saving on materials and contributing to sustainability.

The installation at GXO’s Saint-Vulbas site in the Lyon region of France allows the company to fully automate the order preparation process, increase productivity and reduce costs while improving the end-consumer’s experience.

“This 3D packaging solution doesn’t just support Amer Sports’ e-commerce growth, it revolutionises packaging,” said Bernard Wehbe General Manager of France, GXO. “The machine demonstrates our investment in technology and automated solutions that improve productivity and reduce shipping costs for our customers while also minimising the environmental impact.”

The machine – which can process up to 700 packages an hour – scans and measures the order in 3D, cuts and folds the cardboard for an exact fit and then weighs, seals and labels the package before directing it to the appropriate carrier. The reduced box size, combined with reinforced corners, improves durability and offers a ready-to-return solution.

“Our work with GXO at the Saint-Vulbas distribution centre illustrates Amer Sports’ desire to continue to invest in improving customer satisfaction through a better packaging experience,” added François Besson, EMEA Logistics Development & Execution Manager, Amer Sports.

GXO has been using its technical expertise to develop and test new features on the machine since February 2020. After final testing and employee training, GXO is now running the machine at full speed.

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