BeeVision adds accuracy and reliability with Microsoft’s Time of Flight technology and Azure

Companies in manufacturing, retail, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and other industries, constantly need to determine logistic charges and increase warehouse and vehicle efficiency.

3D depth cameras have recently become a sought-after technology for dimensioning systems and solutions that recognise parcels and pallets, yet accuracy remains a key challenge for these solutions.

BeeVision builds and delivers technologies for affordable 3D vision-based freight dimensioning solutions to more than 35 countries and for a wide variety of industries, including e-commerce, postal, logistics, retail, and manufacturing resulting up to 40% increase in their revenues.

BeeVision has joined the Azure Depth Platform program. Leveraging Microsoft’s Time of Flight (ToF) with BeeVision’s dimensioning systems, they are now able to provide a sharp increase in accuracy over range for dimensioning and task automation.

BeeVision’s recently announced cloud-based product, BeeHive, now utilizes Microsoft Azure AI platform, to provide services such as measurement data and image collection, processing, sharing, and warehouse and vehicle efficiency boosting.

Azure helps BeeVision deliver solutions to optimize and automate truck loading and unloading. With Azure, BeeVision can connect different devices and systems into one, enabling it to analyze each source of information for better business insight, making BeeVision the optimal partner for forward-thinking logistics companies.

BeeVision’s advanced vision and AI-based solutions make it fast and easy to measure virtually anything from small retail products to large pallets. Its innovative technology is powered by the company’s proprietary image processing and dimensioning algorithms.

Microsoft sees 3D vision as the next wave of AI. The Azure Depth Platform program was created to democratize cloud-connected 3D vision and empower hardware companies, developers and SIs to create vision AI solutions. By joining the program as an early adopter, BeeVision gets direct access to an ecosystem of solution providers and customers.

BeeVision customers can capture the dimensions of their freight more accurately and with connected Azure Cloud.

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