CONA Services LLC is the IT services company for the Coca-Cola bottling business in North America, with over 160,000 sales orders and an average of 30,000 users per day. Already being a long-time user of voice-directed workflows, CONA recognised the need to consider a new voice solution in 2019 due to unreliable network connections of their existing system. “Our previous voice system had a complex architecture and required the software to be hosted on individual servers at each deployment site,” noted Baron Jordan, CONA Chief Product Officer Supply Chain. They required a new solution that would allow for continuous picking – even in the case of a weak or lost Wi-Fi signal. After an intensive eight-month investigation by CONA and a real-world test against another provider, LYDIA™ Voice from Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) emerged as the clear winner because of its ability to match all of the demanding requirements set by Baron Jordan and his team: “The LYDIA Voice solution addressed all of our needs and concerns and had the best user feedback”.

LYDIA Voice is the first voice recognition solution for the logistics market to use deep neural network technology designed specifically for the industrial environment where highly accurate voice recognition is required and eliminates outdated voice-template training. The solution also offers an unsurpassed level of voice recognition, which is enabled by its deep neural network speech recognition. Training requirements are swept away altogether due to its immediate ease of use and its versatility.

Thanks to its ability to directly integrate with SAP via a remote function call (RFC), LYDIA Voice immediately resolved the architecture and support challenges across the 92 bottling sites without any middleware and increased efficiency at each of the implementation sites. Further, many other locations that previously used paper-based pick lists to fill orders are now transitioning to LYDIA Voice. More than 50 languages and a multitude of dialects and customised adaptations in the voice dialogue can be independently created by the customer without having to call on EPG technicians or developers.

The implementation and rapid rollout of LYDIA Voice at Coke One North America is an impressive achievement for EPG, the Germany-based global supply chain software provider and voice picking innovator. “LYDIA Voice is the best thing we have ever rolled out to the warehouse. Where has it been these last five years?” This is valuable feedback coming directly from the bottlers of Coca-Cola who use EPG’s software on a daily basis.

Download the full Case Study and learn how CONA implemented LYDIA Voice across 92 Coca-Cola bottler locations and achieved a 7% productivity increase over the previous voice solution:

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