Concha y Toro chooses Jigsaw for distribution

UK subsidiary of winery Viña Concha y Toro has chosen Jigsaw for secondary distribution of its products across the UK. The transport company will manage distribution from the wine producer’s bottling facilities in both Manchester and County Durham.

Concha y toroProducts will be delivered to all the major multiple retailers, as well as small and independent wine shops.

“Having worked with Jigsaw at a previous company, I knew the improvements they could bring to our service,” said Concha y Toro UK’s supply chain director, Ses Ardabili. “The ‘bells & whistles’ of a transport contract are useless when service is not up to scratch, and Jigsaw haven’t fallen into the trap of over-promising. Over the past few years they have made steady and sustainable advancements, while maintaining a good level of service and forming partnerships with their customers.”

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