Container Terminal Ennshafen to be expanded for EUR 9.8 million

The operator of the Container Terminal Ennshafen, Container Terminal Enns GmbH (CTE), has started to expand its terminal location in Enns. As part of the current expansion project, the throughput capacity will be increased to 450,000 TEU per year. 

The expansion of the terminal is supported by a national funding measure of the Austrian Ministry of Transport and a CEF grant of the EU. The measure includes the installation of a fourth gantry crane of
the Vorarlberg-based manufacturer Künz, the extension of the plant to 10 craneable tracks with a length of over 700 meters and two more gates for truck traffic.

“Module III of the terminal is expected to start test operation in July 2019. Crane IV will be integrated into the terminal by mid-July 2019. 26,000 m² of additional terminal space complete the terminal expansion in Ennshafen,” the CTE informs in a press release.

Werner Auer and his team are contributing a big deal to the rapid implementation of the new construction project in the Ennshafen port; they support the CTE – in word and deed around the port operations – in a

In addition to the proven automated “Fast-Lane” handling, CTE will put an APP-based gate handling system into operation for container deliveries by truck and will start testts with time-frame-controlled truck deliveries in spring. As a further step towards digitisation, CTE has rolled out the Westim/Destim communication systems for the M&R divisions and offers these solutions to the shipping partners of the terminal as an additional means of communication. Via an API interface, users of the terminal can directly integrate the operating system of the CTE into their own programs.

In addition, CTE is prepared to change the Union Customs Code (UCC) as of 1st May 2019. In partnership with the Linz-Wels customs office, the AEO-F certification and the revaluation of the company’s customs procedures were successfully completed. For March 2019, the terminal operator reported a record turnover of 35,000 TEU (truck, rail and ship).

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