DB Netz and Imperial put the BMW Group on track

DB Netz AG, Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH and the property investor DIBAG Industriebau AG are supporting the BMW Group as it switches its transport operations away from trucks to rail services. An infrastructure follow-up agreement forms the basis for this, which Imperial Automotive Logistics GmbH and DB Netz AG signed during the “transport logistic” specialist trade fair.

The agreement regulates the operation of the new railway sidings on the site of the BMW Group’s spare parts warehouse in Wallersdorf (Bavaria), and an electronic signal-box in Landau. The logistics company is managing 178,000 m², the lion’s share of the BMW spare parts warehouse covering a total surface of 208,000 m². Its range of services includes incoming goods, storage, picking, packing and outgoing goods.

Christian Seidl, Director Automotive/Western Europe at Imperial: “When the warehouse is working at full capacity, as many as 100 freight containers will leave the parts centre heading for the port of loading every day. Thanks to the new sidings, we can load the container consignments on to railway wagons inside the building.”

The sidings being relocated by DB Netz AG will connect the BMW spare parts warehouse to the route network operated by DB Netz AG on two sides. In addition, the new electronic signal-box, which DB Netz is currently building in Landau will enable far more train operations at the sidings. The tracks and signal-box are due to go into service at the beginning of September this year after a construction period lasting more than two years. Once the system is operating, as many as four trains a day are due to travel from the BMW Group’s largest spare parts warehouse in the world at Wallersdorf to the port of loading and back. The project involving the switch in the means of transport will mean about 17,500 fewer truck journeys and therefore a reduction in emissions of 88 tonnes of CO2 every year.

www.imperial-international.com www.fahrweg.dbnetze.com


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