DHL opens fully automated parcel distribution centre in Graz

Responding to the rising demand in the parcel market, and preparing for future requirements, DHL Parcel Austria has opened a brand-new and modern centre for parcel distribution in the Cargo Center Graz. Thanks to state-of-the-art logistics solutions and sorting technology the facility allows optimising the flow of parcels in terms of volumes and saving time.

In addition to the new facility for parcel distribution, there is also a 1,000 m² office building on the 40,000 m² plot. Promoting the regional industry, creating additional capacity, improving delivery times and the customer service where decisive factors for this new location.

“Starting the operations at this parcel distribution centre allows us to join activities – which have been so far carried out at different stations – at a single location situated close to the customers. Moreover, the good accessibility from the motorway enables faster delivery to the customer, and offers the basis for facing future challenges in this region,” said Günter Birnstingl, Managing Director of DHL Parcel Austria.

The parcel distribution centre is an important basis for the further development of DHL Parcel’s market position in Austria. Regarding the very dynamic e-commerce market in Austria, with sharply rising volumes, both services and infrastructure will be expanded.


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