Eniram rolls out new breed of maritime decision support systems for greener and more energy efficient seafaring

Dynamic Trimming Assistant provides significant savings

Eniram Ltd., provider of dynamic decision support systems for the shipping industry, has announced the general commercial availability of the new Dynamic Trimming Assistant (DTA) system to the international maritime market. The first installations of the DTA system in cruise and freight vessels have demonstrated significant savings on fuel costs and emissions, prompting the industry to upgrade their technology in vessels both under construction and already operative.

Eniram DTA continuously collects and displays real-time data of vessel attitude, allowing timely action in changing circumstances. The key metrics are brought to vessel officers in an easy-to-read graphic form, to facilitate faster and better informed decision-making. Through its self-learning characteristics, DTA displays the optimum trim for the prevailing circumstances. The exact data helps vessel officers to optimize trim at all times, minimizing water resistance, decreasing fuel consumption, and reducing emissions. DTA has proved to cut fuel consumption by several percentages, leading to potential annual savings of hundreds of thousands of Euros per vessel.

Eniram DTA is designed by a team of marine system experts, software architects, programmers, naval architects and captains exposing a unique combination of strong experience. The system is deployable either in the construction phase or at any time during the lifecycle of sea vessels.

The DTA is based on dynamic data that is automatically retrieved from operational vessel management applications and purpose-built sensors using sensor network technology. The core of the system is its multidimensional analysis model, which continuously calculates the key forces affecting the vessel attitude.

Quelle: Eniram Ltd.

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