Evergreen Austria changes their company name

Evergreen Austria changes their company name

Evergreen Austria changes their company name
Oktober 12
08:33 2017

The Evergreen Shipping Agency (Austria) GmbH, based in Vienna was taken over by Evergreen Shipping Agency (Europe) GmbH, based in Hamburg. The merger of the two companies became legally effective at the end of August 2017.

Evergreen Shipping Agency (Europe) GmbH has been running Evergreen Shipping Agency (Austria) GmbH since 1 September. The business transactions will be managed by the “Evergreen Shipping Agency (Europe) GmbH Austria Branch”.

For business partners, contacts and conditions will remain the same as before. The only change is the new UID no. ATU72491038, which shall from now on be used on invoices together with the new company “Evergreen Shipping Agency (Europe) GmbH Austria Branch”, the company informs in a letter.



Source: oevz.com/en


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