Extended e-commerce system with Evergreen Line

Evergreen Line has added new functions to its on-line e-commerce system in response to the unexpected service disruption caused by Hanjin Shipping, a CKYHE alliance member, which has entered rehabilitation proceedings. The service disruption has caused delay to Evergreen Line’s cargoes previously loaded on the Korean carrier’s vessels.

Evergreen’s new functions enable customers to update the status of their cargoes and Hanjin’s vessel positions, including information about anchorage at or sailing to a particular port. Besides, Evergreen has developed detailed service plans within its own network as an effective substitute to cover the affected services operated by Hanjin.

In addition to the e-commerce enhancement and substitute service solutions, Evergreen Line is conducting fleet adjustment to meet customers’ demand for reliable service. It is also working with alliance partners, port authorities, terminal operators and other service providers in the transportation service chain to offer necessary assistance to the customers impacted and endeavor to complete onward carriage where possible.


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