Fernetti – Salzburg RoLa shuttle services starts again

The Fernetti-Salzburg-Fernetti train, which made its last service on 31st march 2018, will give a service again upon intense customer demands.

The schedule of the RoLa train, which is going to be 3 times weekly, will be as below:

Fernetti-Salzburg Cut-offSalzburg-Fernetti Cut-off
Monday18:30 LT09:30 LT
Wednesday18:30 LT09:30 LT
Saturday18:30 LT09:30 LT

The first train service will be on Monday, 28th may 2018, departing from Salzburg, however, there will be no departure planned from Fernetti.

Only tractors and standart complete units can be loaded to RoLa trains. The freight fee is € 700 o/w.



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