Fiege is the new logistics partner of Palmers fashion

Logistics provider Fiege takes over warehousing operations of Palmers Textil AG. In October 2017, around one million items together with the décor warehouse plus shop fittings migrated to the Fiege logistics centre in Vienna within just four days. To accommodate this, Fiege removed the pallet racks in two warehouses and set up a multi-storey, modern shelving system.

Before this, Palmers had run its own warehouses in Wiener Neudorf itself. “By partnering with the Fiege Group, we consider Palmers’ logistics to be well prepared for what is expected from a modern commercial enterprise”, says Luca Wieser, Executive Partner and CTO at Palmers.

Since June e-commerce operations have been processed by Fiege. The logistics provider will soon be supplying Palmers’ European online shop clientele from Vienna’s south, in addition to the roughly 300 Palmers branches and sales partners of the tradition-steeped Viennese enterprise – at times even multiple times a week.

“The obvious advantages from merging supply chain processes that back online and offline operations in fashion create a further step towards making the company even more efficient and flexible”, said Luca Wieser.

“We are very proud to have such a well-known traditional company place its trust in us and to allow Fiege in Vienna to take care of its logistics. In this context, we will optimise the supply chain lastingly together with the customer”, says Christoph Mangelmans, Managing Director Fashion & Online Retail at Fiege.

Fiege will take over the logistics workforce of Palmers in a transfer of undertakings, which will secure continuity of jobs. “Many employees are very familiar with Palmers logistics because of their long-standing employment. This knowledge and this experience will not be lost”, says Christoph Mangelmans.

Palmers is Austria’s largest textile retailer and sells its fine lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, loungewear, hosiery and fashionable styles via its 300 retail outlets. Its core market is Austria, with more than 200 outlets, followed by Germany with around 50 outlets, and Croatia with 12 outlets. The company was founded in 1914 by Ludwig Palmers and has been managed since the end of the 2015, amongst others, by its new owners, the siblings Marc, Tino and Luca Wieser.,


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