Fortna to use mobile robotic system to improve picking and sorting

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Software company Fortna has partnered with robotics manufacturer Geek+ to “transform the way companies approach order fulfilment”.

The partnership will see Fortna deploy Geek+’s goods-to-person and mobile sortation systems in facilities across the EMEA region and the US, including for retailers in the sports and home appliances sectors.

The two companies hope to provide customers with access to a flexible mobile robotic system informed by Fortna’s industry expertise and robotics company Geek+’s experience. New solutions will be designed with the aim of more than doubling average order picking and sorting throughput.

It is also hoped that the collaboration between the two companies will offer scalability and lead to increased customer satisfaction and a better workplace for warehouse staff.

Fortna’s Chief Executive, Robert McKeel, said: “Together with Geek+, we provide our customers with a competitive edge through the seamless integration of automation and robotics into their supply chain operations.

“The partnership between Fortna and Geek+ aims to accelerate supply chain automation, making it more efficient and cost-effective, and increasing the timely delivery of goods to consumers.”

Integrated directly into software from Fortna, Geek+ products can reportedly now benefit from order priority adjustments in real time, which the companies claim can enable businesses to adapt to operational changes more effectively.

What’s more, through this co-ordination, the software can also be used to assign tasks through a ‘best-fit automation’ model to optimise workflows and cut picking costs.


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