Free way for expansion of cargo rail stations in Wolfurt and Ludesch

Frame for 2014 to 2019: Vorarlberg government and ÖBB agree on a rail infrastructure package with a total value of EUR 340 million

The government of Vorarlberg and ÖBB are going to invest EUR 340 million to expand the rail infrastructure in western Austria in the coming years. On 12 June Landeshauptmann Markus Wallner, Landesstatthalter Karlheinz Rüdisser and Christian Kern, CEO ÖBB discussed the major projects and their joint financing in the frame agreement with ÖBB for the years 2014 to 2019.

“The jointly planned infrastructure projects are important investments into a region where it will be a benefit for the people and the economy of Vorarlberg“, Vorarlberg’s Landeshauptmann said to journalists.

One of the major projects is the expansion of the container terminal at the railway station in Wolfurt, accounting for about EUR 66 million (exclusive of the empty containers area and equipment for cargo handling). This will more than double the capacity and create „green cargo transport reserves“ for tomorrow’s transport industry. Up to 750 metres tracks for container loading, which can be accessed by block trains as a whole without necessitating any further shunting operations, form the core of the facility. There is depot space for about 1,700 containers along the tracks. The expansion of the Wolfurt terminal is scheduled for the end of 2014. By mid-2018 all facilities shall be completed.

A further construction project will be the expansion and modernisation of the cargo rail station in Ludesch. After completion of the expansion block trains will be composed there, and empty wagons will be stored there. This minimises the shunting operations and makes connecting railways more effective. At the same time this creates also the conditions for a further expansion of cargo transhipment at the site in Ludesch/Nüziders.

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