To address the problem of lost parts throughout the supply chain, and reduce wasted time, Siemens enlisted HERE Technologies to design a shipment visibility technology for tracking and monitoring of location, as well as monitoring the condition of medical equipment service parts.

Fred Hessabi, Chief Customer Officer at HERE said: “Accurate shipment visibility crucially provides valuable support to healthcare technicians around the world in the tracking and maintenance of time-critical, high-value medical equipment from warehouses to hospitals​.”

Heiko Ansorge, Global Head of Service Supply Chain Solutions, Customer Services Managed Logistics at Siemens Healthineers added: “Through [the partnership we]can inform hospitals and technicians ahead of time about any early or delayed shipment arrivals. Our co-created trackers can even inform our technicians if a shipment has been delivered to the right floor and room, without having to install any additional infrastructure or anchor devices.

“All these optimisations result in reducing medical machine downtime, improving maintenance performance and ensuring that the technicians’ time on-site is optimised.”