Hermes Logistics Technologies partners with SpeedCargo

Hermes Logistics Technologies (HLT) has integrated tech partner SpeedCargo’s services into its Cargo Management System (CMS) for a ground handler at Singapore Changi Airport.

The company will be able to capture real-time data and will have improved accuracy by eliminating manual data entry.

The integration between SpeedCargo’s Cargo Eye solution and HLT’s new generation ecosystem at the point of cargo acceptance will make enhanced digital information of physical cargo available within the Hermes CMS.

A planned phase two of the Hermes and SpeedCargo integration project will enable the Cargo Mind system to work with the Hermes CMS to optimise cargo build-up even further.

Cargo Mind is a deep-tech software solution that uses complex algorithms to plan optimal cargo space utilisation, allowing cargo handlers to help airlines carry up to 10% more cargo on each flight.

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