Honeywell opens warehouse automation centre

Honeywell has opened a new research and development centre at its advanced technology facility in Brno, Czech republic to help warehouse and logistics companies across Europe enhance their supply chains and strengthen the accuracy, efficiency, and throughput of goods.

The 64,583ft2 facility will be used by Honeywell’s engineers to develop next-generation warehouse solutions, including intelligent conveyor systems, robotics, automatic storage and retrieval systems, sorting systems, palletisers and advanced picking technologies controlled by voice and light commands.

The facility will also enable Honeywell’s regional customer base to experience and train on these technologies for the first time in Europe.

The lab has more than 1,000 of Honeywell’s scientists and engineers which are currently working on innovation that addresses critical challenges in many of Europe’s key sectors – from logistics to aviation to industrial safety.

Ivo Veverka, Senior Research and Development Manager at Honeywell Warehouse Automation said: “Across Europe there is significant demand for fast, highly accurate deliveries, driven by online buying behaviours and a post-pandemic boom. But while consumers now want next- and even same-day deliveries, getting a package from A – the point of order, to B – the doorstep, in less than 24 hours requires a hugely complex and advanced supply chain.

“Automation technology is the key that can unlock the growth potential for Europe’s logistics sector. Through our new lab, we can test and demonstrate these solutions to our customers here in Europe for the first time.”

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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