Innofreight’s technology boosts European railway logistics

Innofreight’s technology boosts European railway logistics

Innofreight’s technology boosts European railway logistics
September 13
08:18 2017

Combining technology and logistics, Innofreight Solutions GmbH, based in Bruck an der Mur, provides good opportunities to compete with road freight transport. In the first 15 years since the founding of the company, a good mix of industries and countries has been achieved, according to Peter Wanek-Pusset, Managing Director.

Thanks to the partnership with both the SCM managers of large industriies and the employees in the development and sales departments of numerous freight railways, Innofreight Solutions GmbH has grown into a company with 60 employees and a turnover of EUR 75 million per year.

“Today we have 10,000 containers from 11 ft to 30 ft and around 1,000 rail vehicles in our fleet. Using our system solutions, around 4,000 containers are unloaded every day,” says Peter Wanek-Pusset. For the whole year, this results in a transport volume of around 15 million tonnes distributed throughout Europe.

At present, 25 percent of the business volume is generated in Austria, where the market saturation point has already been reached, as Peter Wanek-Pusset explains. 60 percent of the business abroad is generated in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. The remaining 40 percent of the export sales are generated in Scandinavia and Finland, where companies from the forestry industry are among the key customers.




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