JBT introduces new line of standard counterbalance Automatic Guided Vehicles at LogiMAT 2017

JBT introduces new line of standard counterbalance Automatic Guided Vehicles at LogiMAT 2017

JBT introduces new line of standard counterbalance Automatic Guided Vehicles at LogiMAT 2017
Februar 02
09:50 2017

JBT, the global designer and manufacturer of Automatic Guided Vehicle systems (AGVs), is introducing a new line-up of standard counterbalance AGVs to its range of AGVs.

Designed to excel in standard pallet-handling applications, this group of AGVs is offered in 750 kg, 1500 kg and 2,500 kg versions. The vehicles represent a direct, but fully automated, replacement for a manual fork lift truck.

„We are continuing to introduce additional standard vehicle designs to supplement our broad line of AGV types,“ commented Mark Stevenson, who has recently been appointed as JBT’s director of sales for AGVs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

„The counterbalance AGV is the second of three new standardisation updates of the vehicle designs offered by JBT, joining the tugger-style AGV. In 2017, we will also be standardising our popular fork-over style AGV line-up.“

JBT’s European headquarters are in Leicester in the UK, where it has been designing and manufacturing AGVs for over 25 years. The company is now planning to take a more global approach to AGV implementation, under Stevenson’s leadership.

„JBT has always been active in the European market, but we see customers taking a more global approach to AGV implementation and deployment,“ says Stevenson. „So, our aim is to support customers not just in one plant, but across their entire enterprise. „Because of our global presence and AGV manufacturing resources in North America, Europe and Asia, we are uniquely positioned to support these large, global customers.“

JBT also plans to continue expanding its AGV system flexibility and scalability. The company recently introduced the JayBoT™, a complete AGV system that delivers cost-effective automation for simple ‚A to B‘ type material movements. The JayBoT, which also provides automatic picks and drops, eliminates the cost and complexity of fully integrated AGVs by increasing vehicle intelligence and eliminating the system manager.  As customer needs grow, JayBoT AGVs can be upgraded to operate with a system manager and be tightly integrated to support more complex material handling challenges.

“The addition of the JayBoT allows us to offer cost-effective, stand-alone AGVs along with our more traditional highly optimised, managed AGV systems,“ adds Stevenson. „And we continue to make our system manager both more efficient and more user-friendly. We’re really excited to show all these developments to our customers at LogiMAT.”

JBT at LogiMAT 2017, Stand 8F20

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