Kombiverkehr launches new production concept in Austria

Cooperation with Rail Cargo Group: Kombiverkehr to introduce a new production concept for continental transportations between Germany and Austria in April

From April 7 the Frankfurt-based Kombiverkehr KG and its partner the Rail Cargo Group will implement a new production concept for continental transportations between Germany and Austria, which shall cut the transit time for shipments between these two countries and increase the capacity and flexibility of the intermodal transport. “From Monday to Friday we will continuously offer two or three departures from Duisburg-Ruhrort Hafen DUSS or Neuss-Hessentor, plus one departure on Saturdays“, says Robert Breuhahn, managing director.

Semi-trailers, containers and swap bodies can then be carried on the railway directly from the Ruhr area to Wels, Upper Austria, or back 13 times a week, and get a fast connection to Vienna. At the same time the trains from Ludwigshafen will improve the intra-Austrian connection to Vienna. While shipments of the direct trains between Ludwigshafen and Wels have been transported to and from Vienna in individual wagon loads, a shuttle from Wels to Austria’s capital will be available from Monday to Friday from April. In addition, Wels offers numerous rail connections to more Austrian regions.

“To be able to implement the new production concept, we have replaced three Neuss-Vienna train services by three Neuss-Wels train services, and operate five new shuttle trains between Wels and Vienna, generating many advantages for our customers in Austria“, says Robert Breuhahn. “We drive all trains via the central gateway in Wels, without having time loss compared with the previous direct train between Neuss and Vienna.“ Because wagons destined for Vienna, do not even enter this terminal, but are decoupled in front of the transhipment rail station and attached to the direct train operated five times weekly between Vienna and Wels.

The new concept allowed to grade cut-off times in Duisburg and Neuss and to increase the frequency from Neuss to Wels from five to eight departures. Truck shipments thus have a faster connection to the next train. The deadline at two clock at night on Wednesday and Friday allows even for charges that are picked up in Belgium or the Netherlands late in the evening, to arrive in Austria next day. Depending on the capacity of the trains, delivery can be made to different terminals. “Without increasing the number of trains we are creating more flexibility for transporters and forwarders. We are confident that this will help us to carry more shipments,“ says Robert Breuhahn. “We are also able to increase the capacity on demand by adding more trains to our concept.“

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