LHD Group at Intersec 2012 in Dubai

The LHD Group of Companies, including LION International, will showcase their successful range of state-of-the-art personal protective equipment, safety, and security solutions at Intersec 2012. The exhibition is due to be held January 15 – 17 in Dubai (UAE).

Cologne, November 29, 2011 – The LHD Group of Companies, headquartered in Cologne (Germany), will be exhibiting their innovative range of personal protective equipment (PPE) for fire fighters, rescue, police, and security forces, as well as emergency medical service (EMS) teams in hall 6 on stand 6-525 S at the Intersec 2012 in Dubai. This is the leading trade event for the security, safety, and protection industries in the Middle East.

The LHD stand will showcase the latest generation of patented V-Force® protective suits marketed by its subsidiary LION International. The suits are available in several different high-tech material compositions and colours. Of particular interest to the Middle East markets are the special, innovative, three-layered inner lining and perforated reflective strips. The latter allow perspiration to escape more easily, preventing heat build-up in the suit and thus increasing the safety of the bearer. The state-of-the-art lining also aims to reduce heat-build-up. It features an active moisture management system in addition to being flame-retardant. Furthermore, LION International will show a new range of PPE approved for use onboard ships as well as oil and gas platforms.

Innovation leader Highlights of the stand will be a new fire fighter suit lining called “Vented Moisture Barrier” and a still top secret product innovation which will be revealed to the public in Dubai. Conference delegates and fair visitors are invited to inspect the first prototypes. Furthermore, they can test the successful Cooline® braces. 7,500 were recently supplied
to a major customer in the Middle East. The Cooline® technology consists of a high tech fibre system that is activated by water. This produces a cooling effect through the process of evaporation. Cooline® is unique due to the ease of use and the longevity of cooling. The Cooline® braces actively help to reduce heat stress.

The LION International PPE range is complemented by the unique, award-winning LION TOTAL- CARE® Service. This encompasses the clothing management and the care of the suits throughout their whole service life, including PPE inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement. TotalCare® provides fire departments with customized solutions to more efficiently maintain turnout gear and other PPE, which optimizes their protective performance, improves fire fighter safety, and provides cost-savings to the fire departments. “We are very proud that we can showcase several brand-new products at Intersec 2012. They demonstrate our continuous drive for innovation,“ says Dr. Timo Czech, head of sales, LHD Group.

Increasing global market share
In recent months LION International and the LHD Group have won an impressive number of large orders from fire services and industrial customers. These include the firedepartment of Hong Kong as well as large corporations such as Daimler, BASF, and Shell, in addition to the ADAC, Europe’s largest Automobile Association.

“The Middle East is one of the most exciting and lucrative markets in the world for the security and safety industry. It has a high growth potential and offers companies like ours outstanding opportunities. We are very excited to further tap into this market at the Intersec in Dubai”, says Dr. Czech.

Besides the PPE LHD will be exhibiting safety and security solutions. The LHD Group has considerable experience in this field. It is the preferred supplier of the German army, navy, and air force as well as the German Federal Police, for example.

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