Manufacturing Insights Evaluates the Importance and Challenges of Real–time Manufacturing Execution

An inevitable link between levels of real-time manufacturing and supply chain agility supporting the changing demand

Global independent research and advisory firm, Manufacturing Insights, an IDC company, recently published a research study that investigates the critical challenges that currently drive manufacturers to increase their business priority towards improving manufacturing operations processes. After the analysis of how improvements in manufacturing operations can support manufacturers in dealing with current economic challenges, Manufacturing Insights explains how a modern MES (manufacturing execution system) application spans well beyond the mere traditional coverage of shop floor management.

In this study Manufacturing Insights identifies the critical businesses challenges that the modern MES approach is able to address: Harmonization of global manufacturing operations, Manufacturing intelligence, Seamless integration with corporate business applications, Connecting design and manufacturing operations, Improved fixed asset utilization, Compliance and environmental footprint reduction.

To support the findings, this report also presents a wide series of case studies demonstrating the values of investing in modern MES application in each if the above areas. In this study, Manufacturing Insights also advises manufacturers on how to have a consistent and structured corporate business strategy that relates to shop floor execution practices.

The report, Business Strategy: MES Strategies Part 1 — Importance and Challenges of Real–time Manufacturing Execution, (Manufacturing Insights #MICO01R9, May 2009), by Pierfrancesco Manenti, is available for purchase at

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