New Advancements in Machine Vision Technology

This paper delves into the advancements Zebra Technologies has made in machine vision technology and explores the benefits of software-defined solutions within Manufacturing and Logistics companies.

The modern-day shopper’s on-demand mindset has spurred manufacturers and logistics providers alike to improve their operational efficiency and product quality to meet shifting consumer expectations. At the same time, growing labor shortages are straining resources and leaving companies looking for new ways to automate tasks and reduce costs. Businesses throughout the supply chain are exploring machine vision technology to help them not only survive but thrive in a highly competitive world.

Discover the latest advancements in machine vision technology and explore the benefits of software-defined solutions.

Highlights include:

• Understand the latest automation technologies and how to apply them to today’s problems

• Explore industry challenges and use cases across industrial manufacturing and the supply chain

• Find out ways to improve quality, production speed and reduce costs

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