“We are now testing robot applications with OSARO’s robotics automation software and look forward to working together with factory and logistics customers.”

The upgraded suite of products, collectively called OSARO Solutions, integrates OSARO visual perception with its control software. OSARO combines its software and advanced machine learning with the services and industry expertise needed to deliver improved sight and skill to existing robot applications, while enabling new applications for the factories and warehouses of the future.

“Each company, warehouse, or factory we work with has its own unique set of automation requirements and operational challenges,” said Derik Pridmore, co-founder and CEO of OSARO. “While we can offer software for each specific use-case, it became clear to us that providing dedicated and holistic solutions better serves our customers.”

OSARO collaborates with customers to optimise feature options and services to cost-effectively meet the customer’s specific automation requirements. Machine learning expertise allows OSARO Solutions software to automatically adapt to moderate task variations, thereby delivering higher productivity, improved supply chain resilience, and continuous flexibility.