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P&O Ferrymasters launches services between Turkey, Italy and Belgium

8. Januar 2019 16:24

Beitrag bequem vorlesen lassen:

P&O Ferrymasters has launched new intermodal services from Pendik, Ambarli, and Mersin in Turkey to the Free Port of Trieste in Italy, with rail links to its Rotterdam and Zeebrugge hubs.

The new services with onward rail links will provide transit times of less than a week between Turkey and Europe’s principal logistics hubs. Departures will run six times a week in both directions.

P&O Ferrymaster expects Turkey “to become an important hub as we focus on supporting new trade lanes both with road transportation solutions and the introduction of highly sustainable Intermodal assets,” said intermodal business development manager John Freyne.

The new services will support P&O Ferrymasters’ plans to extend services to Eastern Europe and Asia, where many of its customers have moved their production centres to. “This new link between Turkey and our European network will give them certainty on transit times and reduce their transport costs because of the partnerships we have put in place,” said P&O Ferrymasters intermodal director Wim Blomme.

P&O Ferries to lift capacity at Teesport by 25pc

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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