As part of the next-generation technologies designed for enhanced teleoperation of the Guardian XT highly dexterous mobile robotic system, this leveraged the company’s proprietary motion caption controller to enable enhanced teleoperation of the robot’s dexterous arms.

The technology is capable of lifting and manipulating up to 200lbs, (90 kg), the Guardian XT robot is ideal for accomplishing precision tasks and performing work in unstructured environments.

The system was created to help prevent injuries sustained from employees when falling or carrying heavy objects.

The SenSuit controller enables the Guardian XT robot to mimic the operator’s movements in real-time. It is an inertial measurement unit (IMU)-based motion tracker that communicates with the robot and leverages Sarcos’ proprietary force feedback technologies. The company also plans to integrate a VR- or AR-based HMD to provide remote visual and situational awareness to the operator.

Ben Wolff, Chairman and CEO of Sarcos Robotics said: “Our new control system is expected to enable our customers to seamlessly and efficiently perform difficult tasks and to operate in dangerous environments—including at height—while keeping the operator safe.”