Significant staff and fleet expansion with Waberer’s

Waberer’s International management approves ambitious business plan providing for distinctive growth of revenues in 2013
Changes in the company structure of Waberer’s International Ltd. in recent years, the optimization of the goods handling processes and freight management have created the conditions for the enterprise to significantly increase its sales revenues and results compared to the past years. Counting among Europe’s leading companies in road freight, the enterprise with headquarters in Budapest was able to increase its revenues against the stagnant international freight market circumstances, reaching 377.5 million Euros in 2012. The EBIDTA results surpassed last year’s by 10%, adding up to 52.4 million Euros.
Building on the results of the fiscal year 2012, the board of Waberer’s International Ltd. approved an ambitious business plan for this year. The business plan dictates an exceptionally steep increase in revenues and an upper two-digit increase for the EBIDTA results. The engine of the company’s progress is the continuous development of efficiency, which is followed by the expansion of both the fleet and the staff. Last year Waberer’s International upgraded its fleet with the purchase of 700 new trucks and 500 new trailers, expanding its size by 130 vehicles.
Waberer’s International Ltd. counts among the leading logistics companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and is one of Europe’s largest road transport companies. The company employs 4,200 staff members and operates a fleet of 3000 truck-trailers. The company’s services cover all areas of logistics from road freight through storage logistics to vehicle repairs. The Budapest-based company has subsidiaries operating in Poland, Germany, Romania and Slovakia.

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