Signs for the full reintroduction of TIR in Russia

Russian Government orders Federal Customs Service and Ministry of Transport to re-establish TIR as soon as possible

According to information available at the IRU (International Road Transport Union), the Russian Government has issued an order on 17 November to the Federal Customs Service and the Ministry of Transport to :

o Finalise as soon as possible the tender procedure to establish the TIR association in line with Russian law and the TIR Convention;

o Ensure that the uninterrupted functioning of the TIR Convention on the Russian territory until the tender is completed.

The IRU trusts that, thanks to this constructive intervention by the Russian Government, the tender procedure can now be finalised without further delay, to allow the full reintroduction of TIR on the whole territory of Russia in the nearest future, in the interest of the Russian economy and international trade.

The IRU will continue to work in close public private partnership with the competent Russian authorities to implement appropriate procedures to ensure that the TIR System works even more effectively and securely in the future.

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