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Southampton CAZ rejection benefits local businesses

11. Januar 2019 10:51

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Southampton’s charging Clean Air Zone has been rejected which is a win for the port and local businesses, says the FTA.

According to the Freight Transport Association, the CAZ would have damaged the local economy and vital port as well as failing to actually improve air quality. “The proposed charging CAZ would have brought thousands of businesses and operations into its scope, causing operating costs to soar and irrevocably damaging its local economy,” said FTA policy manager Rebecca Kite.

The UK’s second largest container terminal Port of Southampton would have also been included in the zone, she added.

“While the logistics sector recognises the role it must play in improving air quality, it is important that all types of vehicles are taken into consideration when designing an air quality plan,” continued Kite. “The council recognised a CAZ was not the most effective way to achieve improvements in air quality; we hope other cities learn from this decision and adopt the same common-sense approach.”

FTA welcomes Nottingham’s bespoke air quality plan

Source: logisticsmanager.com

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