Special edition Hyster forklifts refresh operations at Heineken

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Six new Hyster electric lift trucks, which feature a raised operator compartment specifically designed for brewery operations, have been implemented at Heineken in Cork.Hyster’s special truck engineering team developed a raised operator compartment for its J3.5XN, to improve all-round and upwards visibility.

In a standard truck the operator would not be able to see past tall loads and would normally have to work in reverse due to the limited forward visibility.

The raised operator component allows workers to see over loads and operate in a forward direction where a standard truck could not, enhancing operator comfort.

Forklifts at the Cork site regularly unload and load 20 HGVs a day.

Colin McNeely, sales director at Hyster– Ireland, said: “Maintenance and daily check downtime is minimal, and the batteries are charged at the end of the shift ensuring maximum uptime during busy periods to maximise efficiency.”

By Michelle Mooney

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