Tomorrow’s the big day

Doors open tomorrow for the inaugural 3PL Conference and we look forward to seeing you at the event, which promises to be a big one as Yusen, Norbert Dentressangle and DHL discuss the changing world of third party logistics.

The third party logistics’ operating model is constantly evolving and it is a constant challenge for operators to keep up with developments.

Kevin Appleton, managing director of Yusen Logistics will explore this evolution of the 3PL operating mode from an independent streamlined logistics operation to client driven lean model, when he speaks at the 3PL conference which takes place in the Midlands next week.

He will also look at what 3PLs can do to improve a client’s supply chain and ask if this should this take precedence.

DHL’s head of product development Mark Landmann will open the second day of the conference, with a discussion on how innovation and the provision of added value services can deliver growth.

Landmann will also touch upon whether 3PLs should create a one-stop shop for all supply chain services and software. In addition he will discuss where 3PLs can add value to the client’s supply chain, and in turn deliver future growth.

The growth of online shopping and the development of omni-channel logistics is having a massive impact on logistics strategies in the retail sector and 3PLs are being called upon to respond. Sean Hallows, operations director at Clipper Logistics, will look at how 3PLs can provide leadership on emerging challenges in e-commerce space such as the rapid growth of returns and reverse logistics.

Logistics providers have become the guardians of their client’s brands and in an omni-channel world, how that brand is delivered over the final mile can be make or break Dawn Redman, head of customer service at Hermes, will consider the challenges this poses for the logistics provider and how delivery best practice is changing to meet these increased responsibilities.

The relationship with the customer is at the core of every third party logistics arrangement and building strong partnerships is a key objective.

Mark Catley, head of e-commerce development at Norbert Dentressangle, will discuss a journey of growth and innovation involved in developing a partnership and joint culture.

In particular he will consider how the two teams can best work together to ensure consistent results and satisfaction on both sides, and consider the contention that collaboration between client and third party provider can change working cultures for the better on both sides and deliver real structural change.

The use of voice technology has been growing rapidly, and says Darrel Williams, regional director at Honeywell, it can enable flexible picking and streamline warehouse operations, allowing 3PLs to focus on core competencies. In this session he will look at how voice technology can enhance task optimisation and support both scalability and changeability within the 3PL environment.

The conference will also include a session on customer communication. Siamac Rezaiezadeh of OpenMarket will look at the use of email, call or SMS messaging to achieve this. Are customers more likely to interact when communicating via SMS, rather than email?

The conference will be chaired by Mike Wallis, a main board director of Keswick Enterprises. Mike Wallis is, unusually, a logistician with a degree in law. He has over 30 years’ operational logistics experience, and has worked in freight forwarding, contract logistics, warehousing and account management on behalf of clients including Wal-Mart, Woolworths (South Africa), B&Q, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Unilever. Wallis said: “After my Graphene colleague Adam Chazanow’s successful chairmanship of the Logistics Manager 3PL Summit last year, I had no hesitation in accepting Akabo Media’s invitation to officiate at this forthcoming 3PL event in Birmingham. The conference is designed only for operational logistics practitioners, and offers high-level learning and networking opportunities.

“Although 7 May is the date of the General Election in the United Kingdom, there will be plenty of time for delegates to return home and reach their polling stations.”

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The conference will be held at the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club near Meriden on 6th – 7th May.


Wednesday 6th May 2015

09.10: Global/local operating models: The new norm

09.50: Delivering the brand

•                Dawn Redman, head of customer service, Hermes

11.10: Developing a Partnership and Joint Culture

•                Mark Catley, head of e-commerce development, Norbert Dentressangle

11.45: Collaboration and Shared Responsibility

•                Nicky McGroarty, head of supply chain and commercial partners, Telefonica.

•                Gillian Townsend, operations director, DHL

12.10: Panel Session

Collaborating to achieve growth and customer satisfaction

•                Gerald Heaton, general manager, Kuehne + Nagel

14.00: Unique vertical solutions: The way forward

Adding value by taking a detailed look at customer objectives and the supply chain

14.30: Customer communication: Email, call or SMS

•                Siamac Rezaiezadeh, strategic accounts executive, OpenMarket

15.00: Panel Session: Cracking customer data

•                Andrew Gain, head of supply systems, Martin Brower

16.00: Omni-channel logistics: A changing landscape

•                Sean Hallows, operations director, Clipper Logistics

16.30: Omni-channel logistics: Returns and reverse logistics

•                iForce

Thursday 7th May 2015

09.10: Innovation and Added Value

•                Mark Landmann, head of product development, DHL

09.40: Sweat the assets

10.10: Voice technology and the warehouse of the future

•                Darrel Williams, regional director, Honeywell

11.10: A strong future, but a tough job ahead

•                Kevin Appleton, managing director, Yusen Logistics

11.40: Panel Discussion – Delivering peak performance during peak demand

12.40: Show and tell – Next generation distribution

14.00: Insource or outsource?

14.30: Outsourcing customer service

15.00: Vested outsourcing


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