Top 50 Logistics Service Providers 2022 available to purchase now

After a week of interesting and insightful webinars, the series has concluded. However, the Top 50 content is far from over.

On Monday 5 December, the inaugural Top 50 webinar saw Dexory, formerly BotsAndUs, discuss how digital twin technology is being used within warehousing to improve efficiency. Plus, the countdown of the top 50 logistics service providers of 2022 began, as numbers 50-41 were revealed.

The first day was jam-packed with quality content, as this was shortly followed by a conversation with DigiHaul about how the company is helping the industry become more sustainable. The countdown continued, as people tuning in found out which companies had been ranked 40-31.

On Tuesday 6 December, Wincanton spoke about the latest developments in its company including W² Labs, which supports start-ups that address industry challenges, and the W² Innovation Centre, which is dedicated to finding new and innovative supply chain solutions. Numbers 30-21 of the top 50 logistics service providers were counted down.

Later that day, Logistics Manager caught up with APL Logistics in a webinar centred around order management. APL Logistics explained what makes order management so important and what the company has been doing to help firms manage their orders as efficiently as possible. Getting closer to the top ten, companies sitting at 20-11 on the list were announced.

On Wednesday 7 December, the fifth and final webinar took place. In this session, viewers could finally find out which companies made it into the top ten and which managed to claim the top spot. Before the final five were revealed, Logistics Manager spoke with international supply chain solutions provider Ligentia on the topic of supply chain resiliency. Ligentia explained how it has been helping one of its clients, retailer The Works, to maintain supply chain efficiency and cope with disruptions during a turbulent time for logistics.

Although the Top 50 webinar series has come to an end, it’s not all bad news! Logistics Manager’s Top 50 Logistics Service Providers 2022 is now available for purchase. If you are interested in finding out which companies featured and reading all about what made them so successful in 2022, click here to find out more.

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