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Transmec Group celebrates ten successful years in Romania

Transmec Group celebrates ten successful years in Romania

Transmec Group celebrates ten successful years in Romania
Juni 19
08:10 2017

Transmec is celebrating a decade of growth since its launch in Romania where it has established itself as one of country’s main transport and logistics operators. Transmec Ro has four strategically-located depots in the country – Bucharest covering the south east, Brasov in the centre, Timisoara in the south west and its head office at Oradea in the north west.

“Romania is one of Transmec’s many success stories,” says Mircea Saca, national sales manager for Transmec Ro which was founded in 2007. “With an annual turnover of almost EUR 70 million and almost 53,000 shipments transported by road alone, we’re not only one of the biggest companies in our sector, we’re also one of the fastest growing.”

Containing 10,000 sq m of securing warehouse space and 1,500 sq m offices, the Oradea branch is also home to Transmec’s private rail terminal, which opened in 2016 and is operated in partnership with P&O Ferrymasters. Providing important connections with northern and southern Europe, two main intermodal services connect Oradea with the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and Piacenza in northern Italy.

The success of these secure, eco-friendly services, which use Transmec’s own trains, has led to frequencies increasing, with three weekly departures to and from Belgium (with delivery and collection from the UK) and two to and from Italy. Each journey takes 40 hours and the service makes use of Transmec’s fleet of 300 Huckepack trailers which avoid the need for transhipment between road and rail journeys. From Oradea, goods can be stored securely and onward delivery arranged throughout Romania and to neighbouring countries including Hungary, Serbia and the Black Sea region.

“A comprehensive range of full and part-load services are also offered, including express options and special services including ADR cargo, high-volume goods and hanging garments,” adds Mircea Saca. “Our flexibility means that customers can always benefit from highly-bespoke transport and logistics services – we’re very excited about how these will continue to develop over the next ten years!”




Source: oevz.com/en

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