Transport Ministry launches new 2019 – 2023 logistics funding

14. Februar 2019 08:11

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The focus of the new funding launched by the Austrian Ministry of Transport is the (pilot-like) implementation of innovative logistics concepts for all modes of transport with the participation of the public sector to increase the competitiveness of the Austrian freight transport and logistics sector, to increase the attractiveness of the location and to ensure social and environmental sustainability.

Feasibility studies as well as concrete projects can be supported, where an existing market readiness or previous successful piloting is a prerequisite to enable implementation of the project.

For the Ministry, the new funding program is a flagship project in the context of their logistics initiative: “With this financial incentive, we hope to create initiatives that create new insights in this field of tension with creative innovative ideas, which will subsequently be successfully implemented in the long term. We are looking forward to good and exciting projects, which will help to overcome the great challenges in freight traffic and logistics,” says Transport Minister Norbert Hofer.

Projects can be submitted within the term of the special logistics support policy until 31st of December 2023. The funding rate depends, among other things, on the type of project and the size of the company, and amounts to up to 70%; the maximum amount is limited to EUR 300,000. The processing center for logistics support is SCHIG mbH.



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