UPS workers to strike as talks break down after delivery giant hits out at workers union

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For the first time in 26 years, UPS workers in the US could be going on strike after the Teamsters trade union, which represents the couriers ‘walks away from negotiations’.

UPS has since denied that this was the case as a current contract which covers 340,000 of its employees comes to a close at the end of this month.

This would be the first strike the company has had since 1997 which saw employees walk out for fifteen days and resulted in a company cost of $850 million.

Satish Jindel, President of Logistics Consulting comany ShipMatrix said: “If a strike happens, UPS may struggle to get back the volumes it loses to rival FedEx” as both delivery firms are facing weak e-commerce demand.

Sean O’Brien, General President at the Teamsters said: “UPS had a choice to make, and they have clearly chosen to go down the wrong road.”

UPS has since responded to the issue and said:

“The Teamsters have stopped negotiating despite historic proposals that build on our industry-leading pay. We have nearly a month left to negotiate. We have not walked away, and the union has a responsibility to remain at the table.

Refusing to negotiate, especially when the finish line is in sight, creates significant unease among employees and customers and threatens to disrupt the U.S. economy. Only our non-union competitors benefit from the Teamsters’ actions.”


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