WabiSabiLabi to speak at Microsoft’s Blue Hat Conference

Switzerland, 24th September 2007 – The next Microsoft bi-annual Blue Hat conference will take place this month to combat security issues and bridge the gap between the research community and the corporate world.

 The conference will include a presentation from Roberto Preatoni, Strategic Director for WabiSabiLabi (WSLabi) about the emerging vulnerabilities in the security market and the changing business model for security researchers.
WSLabi is the new online auction space for buyers and sellers of software vulnerabilities to enable them to conduct deals in a confidential manner. In the last two months, since they have established themselves, they have already had a thousand registered users on their website showing a very hot market for researchers wishing to sell their intellectual property to a very keen market wanting to buy the vulnerabilities.
Blue Hat is an internal Microsoft event, where Microsoft employees and executives discuss the latest issues with top security researchers from across the world, and use the knowledge they gain to improve the security of Microsoft products.
Roberto Preatoni, WSLabi’s Strategic Director says “We are very pleased to see that Microsoft is actively looking to establish relationships with the security research community, not only through their own events but by attending all the relevant conferences around the world. Microsoft is the most proactive software vendor which we have seen researching security issues over the last 3 years and with a dedicated team of people who are making alliances with the key researchers. It is a real pleasure to receive an invitation from Microsoft to enable us to share our knowledge of the vulnerabilities marketplace at their prestigious Blue Hat Conference. Our involvement demonstrates how important WSLabi is becoming to the security industry”
Roberto Preatoni will offer a rare chance for the audience to hear first hand from WSLabi about their philosophy, business model and milestones achieved as well as the challenges the project will overcome in the future. The presentation will also include an in-depth analysis of the vulnerability marketplace. Microsoft’s BlueHat – The 6th edition of BlueHat is focused on the Vulnerability behind the Curtain, Thursday and Friday September 27-28.

About Roberto Preatoni, Strategic Director, WSLabi
Roberto Preatoni is an international speaker in IT security and digital warfare conferences, he has spoken at many events including Defcon 11/13 – USA, 22nd Chaos Communication Congress – Germany, HITB 2004-2005-2006-2007 – Malaysia and Paranoia 2006 – Norway and scheduled for the Microsoft Blue Hat Conference in September 2007. Additionally, Roberto Preatoni lectures on Internet Abuse at the Applied Computer Science faculty of the University of Urbino, Italy.  Mr Preatoni is the author of Asymmetric Shadows (Ombre Asimmetriche), a book on asymmetric digital warfare. Roberto Preatoni is the founder of the independent cyber crime observatory of server side attacks “Zone-H” and the key lecturer in its worldwide security programme. Roberto Preatoni provides advice to several governments and institutions in matters related to cyber crime. 
About WSLabi
WSLabi, a Swiss marketplace and Lab for Security Research Exchange (WSLabi), was founded by a group of security professionals who were unsatisfied by the way zero-days research is handled and security researchers are rewarded. The company will facilitate sale/purchase of Security Research by providing a secure market environment to maximize the security researcher’s reward. 

About WSLabi 
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