5 year anniversary of Bulung Logistics GmbH in Schwechat

5 year anniversary of Bulung Logistics GmbH in Schwechat

5 year anniversary of Bulung Logistics GmbH in Schwechat
September 12
08:08 2017

Bulung Logistics is a “shooting star” in the Austrian forwarding industry. Founded by Yusuf Erkara on September 12, 2012, the company headquartered in Schwechat near Vienna specialises on challenging transports between Europe and Turkey. In this role, the company supports very well-known large-scale shippers, both in terms of transports by classic road freight transport and with intermodal systems.

They had the know-how and paid due attention to every order, is the motto of Bulung Logistics. According to this strategy, the international forwarding company has developed into a major provider of transport solutions to Turkey, Russia, the CIS, Central Asia and the Middle East within five years.

Including their branch offices in Istanbul, Gaziantep and Adana, the Bulung Logistics staff of 40 will organise around 10,000 cargo transports to Turkey in 2017, of which 15 percent are handled by intermodal transport. The bulk of the cargo is carried by reliable Turkish contractors, who can count on punctual payment of their transport services. However, there are now around 30 own trailer trucks operated by the branch office in Istanbul.

Because of the increasing demand for transports with their own fleet, Yusuf Erkara is considering ordering 50 more trucks for the company, which was opened in May 2017, in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia.



Source: oevz.com/en

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